About Crypto Bridge Africa Limited.

Formed in the spirit of dynamic growth, social justice and intellectual pursuits”, Crypto Bridge Africa has grown from a small training center 3 years ago, to become a center for block chain and innovations Technology that will suit the challenges of the 21st century era for a common man, middle and higher-class.

Since 2016 we have based all that we do on three simple ideas – that is “All about People, Technology & Time”. This means we value our clients, our staff and what influences them. We have envisioned an African with a changed mindset adopting new technologies on finance, cryptography and investment for a holistic development. We are constantly embracing new technologies at our learning centers, to make sure your education/Training prepares you for the expectations of 21st century business industry.

Building Global Network

Join CBA and become part of the growing community aware of new financial systems

Growth and Mindset Change

See yourself grow and impact the world through knowledge aquisition.

Bridging the Gap

We are commited to bridging the gap and make Africa and the world at large aware of how Financial Technologies can build micro and macro economies.


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Our Philosophy

We have found that it significantly takes time to improve man’s life. and for a country to foster development, it must adopt new methods of teaching practical technologies to its citizens preparing them for the future challenges. Therefore we believe in the following principles:

  • • It’s not what you study in school that will make you succeed in life, its actually turning your passion into a business concept.
  • • Practical solutions to a community constant problems will create more Jobs.
  • • Excellence is the greatest deterrent to racism and poverty.
  • • Every man will succeed if he has one person who believes in him completely and who loves him unconditionally no matter the age.
  • • It should never be suggested to man that he might succeed: Promise him that he will succeed and give him the tools to do it.

Our vision is to have an African with a changed mindset, adopting new technologies on finance, cryptography and investments for economic empowerment and partnerships. Our mandate is to provide free training, life-skills and mentoring programs to marginalized youth, aged 15 to 30.

Our belief is that positive mindset is the birthright of every man in the World. When youths join Youth Development Platform programs, they are considered to be “Youth at-risk”. Through our programs, they move towards becoming “youth in-opportunity”. Our purpose is to support them in realizing their dreams.

By addressing marginalization, diversity, and illiteracy in a cohesive and systemic manner, literacy among Communities can dramatically increase and all the society as a whole will benefit from a greater number of individuals becoming leaders and entrepreneurs.