“Trading is skill that helps you preserve your wealth”


Considering the current education system, we are taught the theoretical and simple basics concerning money as a medium of exchange. But the practical nature of money, its characteristics and how it works in real money economies is left for us to find out at the later stage of our lives.

So, because of the mere and impractical knowledge acquired on how to earn money, people engage in vicious ways of making money to make ends meet. These various and vicious ways have acted as an eye opener to few that have made more research to know how money behaves, and its practicability in competitive economies.

It’s through this research that we discovered how big players get into money trading known as “Forex Trading”, but because no institutions give practical skills on how to trade, few traders have succeeded, while others have failed because of the dynamics and many factors we must tackle along the way. Because of this, we are determined to change the odds and create an exciting future in money trading. Join us as we take you through this journey.

Problem Statement

In today’s world, Forex exchange market is the most feared industry, due to the fact that most inexperienced traders lose a lot of money to this market (almost 95% of forex traders), yet it’s the most lucrative industry with averagely $5.5 trillion circulating per day. Founding reason why most people involved in forex trading lose money is due to lack of proper trading education, among other hindering factors including lack of concentration during trade.



Creating a Solution at Trade House EA.


As one way of providing perfect service, we are training and equipping our students that will turn into super traders every now and then. So in conjunction with the center for Block chain and Innovation Technology at Crypto bridge Africa, our main focus is to have the best product in this forex industry

Lack of concentration

One of the biggest problems identified with traders is lack of concentration. This has led to failure to perform, and has caused a lot of issues during trade. Traders with an unsettled mind can’t fully concentrate on trading. Most are faced with a challenge of rent, school fees, transport, and so many others which causes greed. These force them to do the impossible while in the market. At the end, the whole business will turn around because he is squeezing the market to get survival. So, Trade House East Africa will equip the traders with the necessary skills to trade successfully..


Knowledge may be availed but most traders lack enough facilities that can enable them to effectively work, for example good computers, enough office space, fast internet and the rest. As Trade House East Africa, we are availing all these to our traders to achieve our goals.


In trading the more the capital the more money made however our mode of work is different we believe in growth. So, as Trade House East Africa we provide capital for trading that will not be focused at for the next 90 days. This will gives our traders time to concentrate and compound this money for profit maximization. Join us for this exiting journey and improve your Trading Carrier.