More than three billion people are connected online, cars drive themselves and drones deliver goods to customers in 30 minutes or less 10, yet the systems used for processing global payments predate the invention of internet.

Institutions increasingly view block chain as a game changer for cross border payments, but have yet to deliver solutions that provide value to customers. Crypto bridge Africa has for long time interacted with the common person and have actually seen and witnessed a bigger percentage of our people. There is a big need to understand the real usage of digital assets and embrace the new technology of this era. This has caused panic and discomfort to some people who partially or fully invested in these digital assets some thinking this is a scam business or not real because of international regulations, liquidation is becoming a problem to most of a way of creating an immediate solution to our community Crypto bridge Africa has partnered with high tech companies to develop a digital wallet that will use a token for daily transactions in our day to day life. CBA tokens can facilitate instant, secure and low-cost Regional payment processing services and present platform from which to build stable business solutions in the future. Encrypted and distributed on ledgers, it will provide trust, real time verification of transactions and remove need for intermediaries such as banks and clearing houses. The CBA token is focused on international payment processing services that will benefit large corporate clients. CBA token as the solution will allow users to instantly send as low as $10 quickly, securely and at the lowest cost. This will be added on the future for payments strong systems.

The wallet acts as an information portal for CBA members and it holds money in form of tokens. Where by members are given an opportunity to keep and transfer their money from one wallet to another.

The wallet also holds personal information of the members of CBA that is Names, Address, Next of kin, Age and national ID number. This helps CBA to track its members and customers. (KYC Protocol)

Tokens on each wallet can be used on the E-commerce platform ( as form of currency. Redemption points are created for the members who will need to exchange their tokens into fiat money but on limited percentage in order to regulate the value of the tokens.

Tokens value increase according to demand and time. The more the members and token holders (the bigger the community) the more the value of the tokens. This is one way of maintaining currency value and economic advancements. CBA ltd is responsible for the safety of its clients’ money.

Members of CBA will be given an opportunity to buy more tokens for future use as the token grows in value join us on this amazing opportunity

CBA Wallet